What is Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy?

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Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy is thought to be a quick and efficient form of counseling.

ISTDP counselors believe that people avoid distressing feelings because they are uncomfortable confronting them. This discomfort is understandable but gets in the way of growth and healthier interpersonal relationships. If people want change, they must confront these deeper feelings that often result from childhood experiences.

ISTDP therapists might encourage you to explain your true feelings about a situation, even if they are frightening or uncomfortable. People often employ defenses to help them block experiencing their genuine emotions. Your ISTDP counselor will recognize which defenses you use even if you don’t notice them yourself. For example, if you quickly change the subject when asked about a specific traumatic experience, your counselor might question you and ask you to confront why you are deflecting. They will then encourage you to be brave for yourself and overcome these defenses so you can truly feel your emotions. This directive, action-oriented approach to counseling can be helpful for people who want to experience a rapid change in their symptoms.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using ISTDP