What is Integral Psychotherapy?

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Integral Psychotherapy relies on Philosopher Ken Wilburn’s Integral Theory, which says that people have different perspectives on life based on their experiences and differences. If they can unite these perspectives, they can form a more complete picture.

Integral Theory suggests that counselors must be more flexible and less rigid in their approaches to helping people. Instead of focusing on the differences each approach or theory has, Integral Psychotherapy aims to establish the helpful similarities or things that have already proven to assist individuals with mental health concerns.

Integral Psychotherapy states that instead of counseling from one of the “quadrants” — such as an individual perspective, a familial perspective, a biological perspective, or a community perspective — counselors must look at all views to best help clients.

Your therapist will help you look at all perspectives in your life to see how each views a problem. By understanding and integrating more perspectives, Integral Psychotherapy allows for greater self-awareness and, as a by-product, growth, and change.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using Integral Psychotherapy

Jonathan Julian



I am a queer artist, activist and therapist. I believe deeply in healing, and my practice as a therapist is one way I use my own healing journey to inform and create space for others to explore theirs. I seek to center my work on empowering and supporting people in the LGBTQIA+ community navigating all the emotional work it takes to exist in an oppressive culture - anxiety, depression,...

Lucius Wheeler



As an integral mental health therapist, I support my clients as they face their life challenges and develop a new sense of wholeness, meaning, connection, and purpose. I have particular experience in the areas of major life transitions, men's issues, anxiety and depression. It is important to me that you feel seen, heard, and empowered in the therapy process. I invite you to contact me for a fr...

Sarwang Parikh



I support my clients to cultivate awareness and capacity to unwind from unhealthy thought and behavior patterns. I do this by drawing on their innate strengths and resilience. Collaboratively we learn to navigate challenging emotions and life transitions to rediscover aliveness, power, joy, purpose, care and a sense of connection. I bring dynamic qualities including curiosity, creativity and...
Have you found that traditional forms of therapy just aren’t working for you? ​​ ​ Are you looking for a compassionate, creative, highly trained therapist with an eclectic approach? Are you a highly sensitive person, a creative, or entrepreneur looking to find your center within experiences of big transition, stress, grief or loss? ​ Do you struggle with boundaries, self-love, or your...