What is Dance and Movement Therapy?

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Dance and Movement Therapy uses dance techniques to facilitate therapy. Proponents of this type of therapy recognize that the body and mind are connected and that physical movement, stretches, and techniques can help individuals improve this connection.

Dance and Movement Therapy is a form of creative expression. Creative expression in therapy can help you process your inner experience. You can use movement to express emotions. Emotions are a vital part of any therapeutic growth and healing.

While verbal communication is vital in therapy, sometimes it is easier for people to communicate nonverbally. Nonverbal communication through dance and movement is appealing for some.

There are physical benefits to Dance and Movement Therapy that provide some people with stress relief. Overall health increases by improving cardiovascular strength, muscle tone, and flexibility. Additionally, physical movement can trigger endorphins that enhance overall mood. The physical and emotional aspects come together in Dance and Movement Therapy to promote the integration of the whole self.

Your Dance and Movement Therapist will guide you through various body movement exercises to assess your functioning and provide intervention to make you feel better mentally while focusing on improving self-esteem and developing a positive self-image.

Your therapist will work with you to understand your individual goals and needs and develop appropriate dance and movement interventions that help you heal from mental health concerns.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using Dance and Movement Therapy