What is Cognitive Stimulation Therapy?

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Cognitive Stimulation Therapy is an approach for treating dementia or Alzheimer’s in adults. It uses memory and cognitive exercises in a group therapy setting. Therapists can use CST activities with individuals, but it’s not as effective.

Regular CST activities can improve the quality of life for people living with mild to moderate dementia and Alzheimer’s as much as some medications can.

Combined with various activities to stimulate memory and cognition, Cognitive Stimulation Therapy serves as an engaging social event for adults dealing with memory or cognitive concerns. Individuals within the group are encouraged to connect with their memories regarding specific events, such as holidays, vacations, days of the year, family gatherings, social events, and jobs.

A CST group could engage in a memory game, complete a puzzle, read an article, or watch a video about a current event and then discuss it together. CST is a welcoming group activity that makes adults feel safe and connected to others.

CST is generally offered two times a week for several weeks at a time.

In addition to exercises that stimulate social engagement, learning, and memory, CST promotes activities that can improve communication skills for adults with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

Manhattan Mental Health Counseling


North Carolina

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K Drorit (Dee) Gaines

Beverly Hills


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Dr. Kadooka is an Executive Function & Wellness Life Coach. She uses a strength-based, developmental approach to support and promote adaptive self-regulation, self-awareness, flexible responding, goal-directed behavior, and neurological cortical efficiency. This approach is intended to address issues related to executive functioning (including ADHD-related symptoms), anxiety/stress management,...

Raisa M Rodriguez-Torres

New York

New York

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