Are You Struggling With Somatization?

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Somatization is the experience of psychological symptoms presenting as physical symptoms. Somatization Disorder can be particularly frustrating for those dealing with it, as they genuinely experience the physical symptoms, and nothing is medically wrong with them.

Available Treatment Options

Therapy offers a safe space for the person to feel validated in their experience. Many people with Somatization Disorder have experienced other people thinking they are “faking” it. Therapists validate their feelings and develop a strong therapeutic relationship based on trust with the person.

Depending on the individual, counseling interventions could include family therapy, trauma therapy, or cognitive and behavioral interventions.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Somatization

We all have suffering in our lives-- it's part of human experience. Too often, however, there is a layer of unnecessary psychological pain caused by unconscious defenses. We often resist painful feelings and the realities they point to. When we get stuck in our resistance we get emotionally sick and our suffering increases. I work together with patients to honestly and compassionately untangle,...