Are You Struggling With Infertility?

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Infertility is the inability to have a child. If partners have tried to become pregnant without success, they may reach out to fertility specialists to determine why or go through fertility treatment. It can be a difficult experience for people who want to become parents. Infertility may lead to other mental health concerns, such as depression or anxiety, and it may also lead to relationship issues.

Available Treatment Options

Counseling interventions for infertility include couples and individual counseling. Sessions focus on relationship dynamics or personal distress as a result of infertility. Therapists make a safe space for people to share their fears about infertility and help them process anger, guilt, or sadness. Counselors can also help couples and individuals develop positive coping skills that allow them to deal, in healthy ways, with their stress and emotions.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Infertility

Madeline Allen, RMHCI



Madeline is a Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern who currently specializes in working with individuals who may be experiencing anxiety, depression, infertility, attachment issues, life transitions, spiritual burnout or abuse, family-of-origin issues, and complex trauma.
I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Founder/CEO of Maple Leaf Counseling in Claremont, Arcadia, and Telehealth throughout California. We are passionate about helping clients find a solid sense of self, while staying emotionally connected with others. We believe that when someone gets to know themselves on a deeper level they are better able to live the life they choose.
Greetings and welcome to Courage and Wisdom Counseling, PLLC! I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor serving all of Texas for over 17 years. As a therapist, I specialize in providing compassionate and inclusive counseling services to individuals aged 13 and above, embracing diverse cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, and sexual orientations. My approach is rooted in respect, un...
I work with adolescents and adults suffering from mood and anxiety disorders, complex trauma, women’s issues, narcissistic abuse, attachment issues, and personality disorders. I also work with couples to improve communication, develop healthy conflict-resolution skills, and create a long-term family vision and mission that restores harmony in everyday life.

Infertility Counseling Center

Kansas City


I am an Infertility Warrior and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I know that infertility sucks and want to help others find peace and joy through their infertility journey. I provide individual, couple, and group therapy for those suffering from the grief of infertility, pregnancy loss, and other reproductive traumas. I have experienced infertility while trying to conceive both of my children. ...