Are You Struggling With Elderly Persons Disorders?

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As people’s bodies age, they may experience mental or physical conditions that affect their mental health. Physical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory issues, hearing impairment, or pain and stiffness may lead to mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression. The aging population could encounter other mental health issues, like loneliness, cognitive or memory impairment, or mental health concerns from earlier in life. Whatever the concern, the elderly population is a special population in counseling.

Available Treatment Options

Interventions vary according to the specific issue. But, some specific interventions are unique to the elderly, including reminiscence therapy. Reminiscence therapy is where clients look at their lives through the lens of the person they are today. It can help with memory issues and address issues and concerns related to aging and life and death.

Therapists Who Specialize in Helping Those Who Struggle With Elderly Persons Disorders