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Browse through our vetted list of mental health providers to find a therapist who offers therapy with a fee schedule between at or below $90 per session.

Leon Ginn



Ginn Counseling, LLC, provides virtual therapy to individuals, couples, and families in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and all of Pennsylvania. Click here to meet our therapist, Leon Ginn, MSPC, LPC.

Michaela Levine

Las Vegas


I’m offering affordable sessions during this time of crisis. Feeling overwhelmed with life, are you exhausted from feeling anxious and depressed, we can change that together. I value the uniqueness of each individual and am therefore humanistic in my approach, developing individualized treatment plans that best meet the specific needs of each of my patients. I focus on symptoms versus labels, as…

Robert Rosolanko, LSW


New Jersey

Accomplished, multi-faceted individual with over 15 years of experience in the retail marketing industry before moving into the chemical dependency, medical coding and social work fields for the past 15 years. Proven ability to plan, administer, coordinate and execute successful programs. Strong team leader with a track record of coordinating effectively with a wide range of sources to achieve ...

Brenda Swift, PLPC



Are you always tired or sleeping too little or too much? Do you have headaches and stress? Are you bored with your life, but don’t know what you enjoy or what interests you? Maybe it’s time for a change, but you can’t let go of the past. I specialize in helping depressed and anxious people analyze and see their circumstances differently. I consider the whole body. How you live, eat, sleep, and...
Certified Nurse Practitioner board certified in psychiatry and addictions. Solo practitioner with over two decades of experience. My client base is patients 17 years of age and upwards. I find that treating people  and being part of their life’s journey is the greatest experience I have ever had. It is a privilege to be invited into their inner most thoughts. For decades  treating people with a...
I offer empathic therapy with a focus on trauma informed practices. My approach is collaborative and psychodynamic, and driven by the unique needs of each individual client. My specialty is helping my clients through the treatment of trauma and history of trauma, relational challenges, and transitional life events. Therapy creates a time “just for you”, and can allow you to safely explore what is…
I am passionate about transformative, lasting change and how that can best be facilitated in people. My approach to helping people change assumes that my clients are the best judges of what they need, that significant and lasting change can take place in every session, and that anyone can create ways to be more productive, purposeful, and passionate in life. I love collaborating with my clients...

Neurosculpting Institute



The affordable therapists at the Neurosculpting Institute help you reduce your suffering by getting you into your body. There's no need to struggle any longer with the results of being stuck in your thoughts! Anxiety, depression, self-doubt, relationship challenges, PTSD and much of the other issues of life can be relieved by getting out of that monkey-mind and into your body. Think about it. W...