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ADHD Coaching is a designed partnership between a coach and a client for the purpose of fostering life skills that will enable the client to successfully cope with inattention, impulsivity and/or hyperactivity. It is an individualized process that facilitates goal clarification and achievement for both personal and professional goals. The process focuses on developing and implementing strategies and building skills, which will improve the client’s ability to cope with ADHD. The purpose of coaching is to enhance that individual’s success by providing structure, accountability, support and feedback I am a pioneer in the field of ADHD Coaching with over 20 years experience helping adults live happier and healthier lives. My specialty is time management and organization. I have a holistic and humanistic approach to coping more successfully with ADHD and executive functioning challenges. If you need help in gaining information, insightful feedback and support for: coping successfully wi

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Chelsea, MA 02150

Chelsea, MA 02150