Robert M Guerin

Therapist in Ohio

Who I Serve

I work with people who often begin therapy feeling like they are not directing their lives but are instead being directed by unknown forces. Patients might contact me because they are struggling with hopelessness, confusion, anxiety, or self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. Therapy is a tool to overcome these struggles and, through deep self-exploration, take back control of life’s direction. By facilitating deep reflection, I use a psychoanalytic approach to psychotherapy. This means that I help patients interpret and understand their own memories, fantasies, thoughts, emotions, dreams, and values. Through this process, patients gain self-knowledge and greater satisfaction, creativity, and autonomy in all aspects of their lives. Sometimes, we don't feel like we are who we want to be. Sometimes, we don't feel that our world is as valuable as we hope. I appreciate and understand these feelings, and I help patients realize that these emotions can be the first step toward change.

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Cleveland, OH 44106

Cleveland, OH 44106