Phyllis L Powers-Fata

Therapist in Therapists in Michigan


School: Fordham University in New York City

Year Graduated: 1989

License: Michigan / 6401006559

Who I Serve

As a Licensed Professional Counselor I want to make you comfortable and confident while you learn about and experience the counseling process. My goal is to help you accomplish what is important to you, and I believe we can be successful together. I will help you learn how to identify your goals and to make decisions based on your needs and your happiness. I will share my expertise with you so that you will be able to work with me towards overcoming challenges and removing obstacles that prevent us from being successful. Issues with stress, anxiety, grief, etc., will often require professional treatment. I am here to help. I have been in the Mental Health field for 30 years. During that time I have studied and learned much about overcoming depression and many other issues that interfere in our lives and keep us from experiencing joy. I will use the techniques I have learned to educate you so you can achieve what you need to be content in your life. Although many of my clients come to me with similar needs, they are all different in their stories. Confusion and indecision happen to all of us--and, yes, they happen to me, too. Reaching out for help is the first link you need in connecting other links to achieve your goals. Please know that I am here to help, and I look forward to working with you.

Contact information

5242 Plainfield Avenue Northeast Suite C Grand Rapids, MI 49525

5242 Plainfield Avenue Northeast Suite C Grand Rapids, MI 49525