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My ideal client would be an individual, couple or family. Individuals might be those who have been going through life; but, feel that “something” is just not as it should be. Some may feel, “I just can’t get past _____”. Yet, another may feel that they make the same, poor, choices/decisions over and over. Some experience more than one of these, at the same time. Couples may need to be able to communicate better, deal with infidelity; or, be at the brink of divorce. Families may need to understand one another better, communicate better and love each other better. Anxiety and depression can be felt with these; and, other issues. Listening to the individual, couple or family I gain insight into how they are feeling/experiencing the concern. I attempt to reach the root-cause of behaviors; and, help them to understand the link between perception and behavior. I collaborate with clients to develop goals. For couples/families, I take care to help all parties feel heard and not attacked. Most of us have moments, in our lives, when we do not have clear direction; or, we cannot seem to emerge from a dark emotional space. The challenge, though, is to say “I need help; please help me get on-track”. This is why I provide a welcoming environment that is not intimidating; but, a place where hope is in-reach. Contact me for your free consultation.

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4137 Sauk Trail Suite 148 Richton Park, IL 60471 Call Pearl Parks

4137 Sauk Trail Suite 148 Richton Park, IL 60471 Call Pearl Parks