Lisa Ann Herendeen

Therapist in California


School: Monmouth University

Year Graduated: 2001

License: California / 77772

Who I Serve

Are your seeking a more peaceful and harmonious life?  One that can hold both the challenges and the goodness?  Therapy can help. My style is warm, empathic, and collaborative.  I use evidence-based techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and brain science. I would like to help you tackle what is impeding you and open up new options so that you can make good decisions and create more happiness for you and your loved ones. I have over 20 year’s experience as a family therapist and educator. I also draw on my own years of experience in mindfulness meditation, and somatic approaches to wholeness and learning.  Facing and working through my own difficult life transitions has given me wisdom and changed my life. I believe we all have this capacity for positive change.  I have expertise with all phases of major life transitions like launching into adulthood, parenting and the particular task of parenting troubled teens, helping families reorganize during and after divorce and dealing with life-threatening illnesses.  I welcome your outreach. I’m glad to have a 15-minute, no-charge phone call with you.

Contact information

630 University Avenue Palo Alto, CA 94301

630 University Avenue Palo Alto, CA 94301