Kimberly LaFollette

Therapist in Therapists in Kentucky


School: Spalding University

Year Graduated: 2005

License: Kentucky / KY 129124

Who I Serve

I have a strong belief that all individuals are capable of living full, authentic joyful lives. I believe that for many people, mental and physical health can be achieved naturally. If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, mood disorders, low self esteem, body image or eating issues but want to try natural, alternative treatments rather than medication, I would be happy to assist you. I have been practicing as a licensed psychologist since 2005. I am also a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider (CMHIMP). By using a holistic approach to mental wellness, I will work with you to improve your mental well-being by using traditional talk therapy as well natural, alternative methods such as nutrition, movement and meditation. If you are ready to examine natural ways to connect to your best, authentic self a holistic approach is ideal for you!

Contact information

806 Stone Creek Parkway Suite 7 Louisville, KY 40223

806 Stone Creek Parkway Suite 7 Louisville, KY 40223