Katie Yant

Therapist in Colorado


School: University of Denver

Year Graduated: 2015

License: Colorado / CSW.09925409

Who I Serve

It’s not that you want it to, but that number keeps replaying in your head. And that thing you ate, but weren’t supposed to, has viscerally added to your figure. Maybe a quick run to burn it off, and you can try again tomorrow. Once you get to that number, that size, that feeling in your body, things will be okay. If only other people could understand this. You can’t just stop, and why would you? When it does quiet down all you can think about is how you have failed, how lost you feel, and how disconnected you are. This is not a life to live. It’s isolating, alienating, and exhausting. It may be hard to believe right now, but food, weight, and exercise do not have to define you. What could your life be like without these thoughts and behaviors taking up time, energy, and mental space? Let’s make your life more about the things that you love and care about. I will support you in developing concrete skills to make it through the day to day, and then we will dive into the factors that drive your eating and exercise patterns and beliefs. Recovery is possible, and it is possible for you. Get started today, and contact for an initial consult.

Contact information

90 Madison St. Ste. 203 Denver, CO 80206

90 Madison St. Ste. 203 Denver, CO 80206