Karen Hild

Therapist in Illinois


School: Lewis University

Year Graduated: 2016

License: Illinois / 178.014223

Who I Serve

“I don’t know who I am anymore.” “When am I going to enjoy life again?” “Other parents seem to be able to do it with multiple kids, why can’t I do it with one baby?” These might be phrases you have said to yourself. Believe it or not, these are very common and can make us feel alone. But the reality is, a lot of people have had them. Life throws us hurdles and although they may seem difficult, with the right tools and support they can be overcome. Society wants us to believe that becoming a parent is a storybook time in our lives. The fact is, parenthood can also be the most difficult, isolating, and confusing time. Together let’s find “you” again. Let’s figure out why some things aren’t working so that we can see the strength in what is working. Instead of feeling alone and confused, let’s work together and find clarity. Becoming a parent IS a glorious time in our lives, but in order to see a rainbow, we must ride through the storm. My therapeutic approach offers compassion, validation, and acceptance through empathetic listening and other techniques. I use theories such as acceptance commitment therapy, client-centered, cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavioral therapy.

Contact information

Bricolage Wellness 477 Butterfield Road Suite 212 Lombard, IL 60148

Bricolage Wellness 477 Butterfield Road Suite 212 Lombard, IL 60148