Jess Doughty

Therapist in Minnesota

Who I Serve

I enjoy working with individuals who see themselves as influencers. That is, you know where you're headed or have a good sense of what you're called to in life; you may even be in your calling. You're the working professional, at-home parent, or student with goals that you feel good about AND you're struggling with barriers to success or you just don't feel like your normal self. You're struggling with feeling "stuck" or derailed either by life circumstances or late-onset symptoms that feel like they're "showing up" out of nowhere. You're the type of person who wants results and doesn't want to be in therapy for years and years. An unresolved past can cause barriers in the present. With this in mind, we will work together to identify what is getting in the way of your progress, increase your resilience in the present, and resolve the pain of the past. As a Certified EMDR Therapist I integrate EMDR and other neuro-psychotherapies (brain-body approaches) to eliminate problems. If you're looking to get to work and resolve problems in a results-oriented accelerated way, you'll likely find my approach to be a good fit. Barriers (problems) can include symptoms (i.e., panic, anxiety, sleep disturbance), behavioral problems (i.e., angry outbursts, self-sabotage, impulsivity), and unwanted urges (i.e., addictions, lack of motivation).

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1001 Twelve Oaks Center Drive Wayzata, MN 55391

1001 Twelve Oaks Center Drive Wayzata, MN 55391