Empowered Minds

Therapist in Colorado


School: Rutgers University

Year Graduated: 2005

License: Colorado / csw.09925168

Who I Serve

Helping you find the value in every small step forward on the path towards fulfilling your goals, Empowered Minds specializes in providing adults in all stages of life with services focused on strength based goal setting and mindful self-empowerment, in the comfort of your own home, safe space, or through telehealth. Coping with major life changes, day to day stress, a loss of motivation, or declining independence can lead to hopelessness, anxiety, and depression. If you are experiencing these effects, there are ways I can assist you on your journey of rediscovering self love and contentment. Empowered Minds aims to help you discover your best self by building empowerment and positivity, recognizing how living according to your strengths inspires growth and change, and how learning to be present and accepting of your thoughts and feelings boosts kindness within your genuine self. During our sessions we will work together to better understand the values that you hold close and how they can guide you in realistic small steps forward towards fulfilling your goals. We will always keep in mind that your experiences, and desires are priority, are valuable, and can help facilitate vulnerability, inspiration, and meaningful long term change

Contact information

Denver, CO 80220 Call Ms. Rachel Regina

Denver, CO 80220 Call Ms. Rachel Regina