Candice Ellis

Therapist in Minnesota

Who I Serve

Although Candice is able to provide services for a variety of cognitive functions, her expertise is entrepreneur coaching and consulting. Candice has over 19 years of business leadership experience and 10 years of consulting which earned her the nickname, " The Therapist for Entrepreneurs". With a blend of acumen and experience, Candice helps entrepreneurs create paradigm shifts that end in measurable results for their businesses. Whether it is career advancement strategies or business development concepts, Candice realizes a healthy mind is the first step in achieving one’s full potential. Candice experience includes counseling with an emphasis on prevention and to promote optimum mental health. She strives to bring an effective blend of experience, expertise, and clarity to the counseling process in order to maximize outcomes and provide genuine healing from within. ABH offers several different groups focused on addressing a variety of needs, with a willingness to develop new groups to fit the needs of all individuals - as deemed necessary. ABH specializes in providing quality psychological and behavioral services to adults and adolescents with developmental challenges, traumatic brain injury, and mental illnesses.

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Advanced Behavioral Health, Inc. Brooklyn Center, MN 55430

Advanced Behavioral Health, Inc. Brooklyn Center, MN 55430