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Your child's racing thoughts, nervous stomach and pounding heart is not going away. They are stuck in worried thoughts and behaviors that scare you both. You've read books, talked to friends and googled about anxiety, OCD and anger. It's not helping. Maybe situations like divorce or peer drama have taken a toll on their self esteem. Your once happy kid seems to have lost their confidence. You both want to see their self esteem rise again to feel stronger and more secure in who they are. It can feel overwhelming with so many therapy choices. How do you know you are choosing the best help for your child and your family?  For over 10 years I have specialized in anxiety disorders and self esteem issues in children, teens and college students. They will learn coping skills to relax the anxious mind, independently problem solve and control behaviors when faced with traumatic situations. As the parent you will learn specific usable skills that help during times of stress. Asking for help so your child can feel less anxious, more confident and happier means you are a great parent. I am dedicated in finding unique ways to connect with them so they know I am someone who get's them.  Through support and guidance we will find ways to help calm the mind and experience life with excitement and fun rather than worry and fear.

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Port Jefferson, NY 11777

Port Jefferson, NY 11777