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Quality Mental Health Assessments...…Made Better with Telemedicine. We offer accessible, convenient, high-quality behavioral screenings to assess risks and improve patient outcomes. Through our network of therapists across the country we specialize in providing high quality, thorough behavioral assessments for patients requiring an evaluation and for companies and physicians requesting an assessment as part of their protocol. Unlike many private practices, we focus 100% on behavioral assessments—it is all we do, and we do it well. Pre-Surgical Behavioral Assessments for Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery, Spinal Cord Stimulators/Intrathecal Pump and Spinal Fusion/ Laminectomy Convenience: NO Office Visits, Appointments 7 Days a Week Including Nights Affordability: Accepts Most Major Insurance or Affordable Self-pay Fee

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Houston, TX 77056 Call Mrs. Nicole Els

Houston, TX 77056 Call Mrs. Nicole Els