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I love working with all ages of adults who are trying to navigate the transitions of life, and the impact that has on them socially, spiritually, and emotionally. My clients often feel stuck, overwhelmed and anxious about the uncertainty of life’s transitions. I’m here to help.

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Therapist Overview

Reaching out for help can be difficult and the thought of seeing a therapist can seem intimidating. I believe that with the right therapist, you can express yourself freely without fear of judgement and receive the support you need and desire. No two people’s journey and life experiences are the same, so I take an individualized approach with my clients.
I strive to provide a welcoming environment that will support your unique development of self-awareness, vulnerability, and growth. Together, we will identify your goals for treatment and work towards those in a collaborative process. I value feedback so I can ensure your goals and voice are at the heart of our work. I strive to develop trust between us so you feel comfortable opening up. I utilize values, humor, and compassion so we can build an authentic, therapeutic relationship to make changes. In sessions, I will often bring us back to the present moment to build awareness and identify old patterns of behaviors so we can create new habits.

Having worked with clients for the past 21 years, I’ve developed a tried-and-true playbook for helping clients (a) identify the root cause of your challenges and (b) create a tailored plan that leads to measurable progress.

My core focus is on client growth, development, and wellness, positively orientated with an approach clients with a humanistic and holistic perspective. I will make every attempt to develop skills and competencies to help clients create a regimen to improve and maintain their own mental wellness.

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1100 Plantation Island Dr
Suite 110-120
Saint Augustine, Florida 32080


Licensed Mental Health Counselor




(352) 256-8944