Does Cigna Cover Therapy?

Cigna provides coverage to enable treatment of mental health conditions under employer-sponsored health plans. Your employer’s plan may include access to a behavioral health network of licensed mental health providers, mental health services and follow up case management services, consultations, referral services, and outpatient services or referrals to local community support groups, behavioral coaches, and online resources

You pay your share of costs according to your Cigna plan. For plans with a deductible, you pay for care until you meet the plan deductible if it has one. When you meet the deductible, the plan covers some or all of your costs as outlined in your plan documents. There’s no separate deductible if mental health and substance use coverage is included under your employer’s medical plan.

A referral is required for Cigna to cover mental health services. Follow your employer’s medical plan requirements to make an appointment with a mental health professional. Your doctor, counselor, or therapist may also refer you and help you coordinate care or treatment. Check your plan documents for information about treatments because you may need prior approval from Cigna before you get the service to receive coverage under your plan.

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