Does Anthem Cover Therapy?

Anthem covers mental health services. But Anthem Blue Cross won’t cover any therapies that aren’t evidence-based or based. Treatment also needs to be based upon a specific mental health diagnosis. For these reasons, Anthem Blue Cross will not cover career counseling, life coaching, holistic therapies, or reiki healing.

Therapy costs with Anthem Blue Cross vary based on the specific plan. A copayment of $50-$65 or a 20-50% coinsurance per session with your in-network therapist is typical.

Anthem Blue Cross offers both HMO and PPO plans. If you have an HMO health insurance plan, you need a referral from your primary care physician before you begin searching for a therapist. If you have a PPO plan, you can start working with a therapist as soon as you’re ready.

To check if your Anthem Blue Cross health insurance plan covers therapy services, review your summary and benefits document. You’ll find this document through your online Anthem Blue Cross account. Within this document, you’ll find the different rates of coverage — including copayment or coinsurance amounts — for each type of service available. Look for “outpatient mental health services” to see your coverage for therapy.

Learn more about Anthem behavioral health coverage.

Anthem Therapists and Counselors

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