InterPlay Therapy

What is InterPlay Therapy?

InterPlay Therapy uses play to help people unlock parts of themselves hidden due to societal pressures, time, and experiences. InterPlay aims to develop people’s self-awareness through physical movement, the mind-body connection, and fun, shared activities.

Practitioners of InterPlay Therapy state that the body has within it inherent wisdom. Through creative and experiential activities, people can connect with parts of themselves that may have been lost to social pressures to conform to norms and rules.

Therapists can use InterPlay Therapy in individual counseling sessions, group therapy sessions, or even large-scale workshop sessions.

Creative expression is key to InterPlay Therapy. But people don’t have to be creative to benefit from it. Sessions include various creative exercises that are easy to follow. Your counselor may ask you to use movement to express an emotion, tell a story, or notice the way your body moves freely.

InterPlay Therapy can be beneficial for different mental health concerns and can be used simultaneously with more traditional forms of talk therapy.

Therapists Who Specialize in Using InterPlay Therapy

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