William James Matulich

Therapist in San Diego, California

Contact Information

San Diego, CA 92119


School: California School of Professional Psychology

Year Graduated: 1977

License: California / PSY6036

Who I Serve

My ideal "client" is actually the service provider who would like to be more effective by amplifying their clients' own motivation for healthy behavior change. These providers might be looking for a quicker or more efficient way to engage and focus clients' resources for change. They might be frustrated with lack of client follow-through and adherence and want to learn how to effectively present information and advice that client's will enthusiastically implement. Their goal is to provide the best treatment possible to their clients. The solution to many provider issues is to strengthen client motivation. The best therapies are useless with unmotivated or ambivalent clients. I provide a variety of Motivational Interviewing Learning resources, including an online, animated, 15 hour course, to help people learn how to enlist client motivation for healthy behavior change. If you want to learn how your clients can be more motivated to change, learning Motivational Interviewing can help. Please visit my website to find out more. www.motivationalinterviewingonline.org

San Diego, CA 92119