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You don’t have to have it all figured out already. It is through living our life that we stumble upon our calling. You must value the process the whole way there. You can’t get somewhere else without experiencing the parts in the middle. You have the power to transform and change the trajectory of your life. We consciously bookmark pages in our lives that we refuse to forget. These hedged pages become a cornerstone for further inquiry. As an Existential-Phenomenological psychotherapist, I carry my work through presence, authenticity, and relationality. Drawing from all lived experience as it presents itself in the here-and-now. I work with people ages 12+ to combat creative blocks, anxiety, depression, stress, change, ambiguity, relational conflict both in personal and work life. The hardest part is starting. Once you do you will unravel deeper truths and insights as to who you are. It takes great courage to take the steps needed in becoming your best self. We cannot let the unknow

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Central Purpose Therapy, PLLC Seattle, WA 98112

Central Purpose Therapy, PLLC Seattle, WA 98112