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Transcending Horizons, Inc.

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So...... You are considering making a lifestyle change? Let me ask you a question: If you were to find yourself on the bank of a refreshing pond; secluded, picturesque and inviting..... Would you only walk around the edges? Would you enthusiastically remove your shoes and allow yourself to wade-in? Looking around with no other is sight, would you take the opportunity to disrobe and immerse yourself in the water? Why do I ask? Simply because expansion is all about "getting wet," metaphorically. If you are a "walk-around the edge of the pond" type of soul, well then, look elsewhere. I expect my clients to arrive already wet! Combining the tools and expertise acquired through academia, psychotherapeutic training, mindfulness and meditation, fitness and personal training, hypnotherapy, martial arts, and clinical nutrition, I offer a pattern of living that allows the experience of balance and harmony in the face of the challenges that accompany personal success…. I enjoy and look forward to working with people who have acquired all of the external indicators of success, yet still long and desire to find the empowerment of being present in the process. Success is often filled with compromise and postponement – The postponement of being able to breathe deeply and experience the joy. Let's get started!

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