Tom Echlin

Therapist in California

Who I Serve

I work with families and relationships that are in trouble – and help people work through all kinds of overwhelming feelings. They are the kinds of problems that build up over time and we tend to ignore but now we are trapped together in too little space under too much pressure. Your feelings are real. We will begin there, to help you understand what it is you are feeling and why. Those are the first steps towards empowering you to control your feelings, and better equipping you to deal with the people and situations you cannot control. There are many ways to do therapy. I will work hard to find your way. You may fear you waited too long, or you may be trying to also help someone who does not trust therapy. We cannot control all outcomes in life, but we can find ways to not just endure but learn from our struggles. And I have seen how just one person can change a family or relationship. It begins with a call. We can talk when you are ready.

Contact Information

5535 Balboa Boulevard Encino, CA 91316

5535 Balboa Boulevard Encino, CA 91316