Taylor Pisel

Therapist in Therapists in North Carolina


School: Wake Forest University

Year Graduated: 2018

License: North Carolina / A14220

Who I Serve

I treat clients who have a history of trauma and/or attachment concerns. Their trauma manifested in maladaptive behaviors, like cutting, an eating disorder, or risk behaviors. They have lost the ability to tune into their body and need help reconnecting with their body's wisdom. Their goals are to process trauma and develop healthy coping skills to replace the ones that were causing them more pain. I work with clients struggling with eating disorders or disordered eating, poor body image, or trauma. I use mindfulness-based interventions to help people reconnect with their body and heal from the bottom up. Drawing from the Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating perspectives, I emphasize self-compassion and trusting the body's internal wisdom. I help clients find their way back home to their bodies through mindfulness, self-compassion and trauma-informed care.

Contact information

403 South Hawthorne Road Winston Salem, NC 27103

403 South Hawthorne Road Winston Salem, NC 27103