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Are you sick and tired of not reaching your life goals? Are you tired of being stuck and not moving forward? Are you ready to make a change? Are you unsure how to start? Sylvonne Jordan owner of A New Day Coaching and Consulting Services helps individuals identify their goals in business and life. She guides and assists clients in learning how to meet goals through concentration techniques, goal development, and task completion. Sylvonne and staff will be your biggest cheerleader and celebrate with you when you triumph! Sylvonne is committed to self-development and has a Master’s in Psychology with a specialization in both Leadership and Coaching. Her credentials include life, professional and business coaching. One client credits Sylvonne on coaching her to the next corporate level of becoming an executive: “Sylvonne has coached me through tough situations at work." Sylvonne Jordan believes that this is your year! Dream the impossible! Make your dreams a reality! Sylvonne is passionate and believes that every individual should be the author of their own story. As quoted, "When writing the story of your life, don't let anyone else hold the pen"- Harley Davidson. Take the challenge!

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New Albany, OH 43054

New Albany, OH 43054