Susan E Gaudet

Therapist in Maine

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Have you lost hope that you'll ever feel good again? I get it; it happens to many of us when we've been through traumatic experiences, have had unhealthy relationships, or have had difficulties growing up. As a result, we can get anxious and depressed. Realize that you can find help! A positive therapeutic relationship can give you the ability to see your worth, and to heal from difficult experiences both past and present. The old saying "can't see the forest for the trees" means you can't fully understand a situation from inside; I can be your mirror, helping you see and understand the issues, and help you learn to change. I believe the most important aspect of successful therapy is the therapeutic relationship that is built between me and my clients. I am genuine, I care, and I strongly believe that a touch of humor can aid in the process of making positive and healthy changes. I love seeing individuals find their worth! Listening, paying attention, and utilizing the skills and wisdo

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P.O. Box 247 Gorham, ME 04038

P.O. Box 247 Gorham, ME 04038