Steven Oppenheimer

Therapist in California

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Palm Springs, CA 92262

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We are in the midst of challenging and difficult times, and many of us are struggling to just get through the day. Are you trying to make sense of it all? Are you faced with increasing conflict with your co-workers, friends and/or loved ones? Are you feeling like you are "stressed out a lot?" Do you hate your job but not sure what to do next? I work with people who have experienced problems such as depression, anxiety, career conflicts, self-confidence issues, relationship difficulties. I have helped people take risks and gain self-confidence, become more successful in their careers, and have more satisfying relationships. The goal of both telephone and video-chat therapy is to provide an opportunity to meet virtually for one-on-one therapy with a licensed Therapist. It’s easy, convenient, private and confidential. Video-chat therapy can seem. It’s about chemistry, intuition, listening and perception, and it’s OK to feel awkward at first. Over the course of a couple of sessions, the goal is to build trust and an confidence in open communication. Together, we can identify and build upon your strengths. We can find opportunities for you to improve your situation.

Palm Springs, CA 92262