Stephanie Stein Leite

Psychologist in Connecticut


School: University of Hartford

Year Graduated: 2002

License: Connecticut / 2501

Who I Serve

When courts, schools, or your business require a psychological evaluation or qualified threat assessment professional it is critical to find the correct professional for the job. Dr. Leite will apply her expertise to your evaluation in a compassionate and knowledgeable manner. Dr. Leite specializes in evaluations of risk and threat in the corporate, child protection, custodial, educational, corporate and criminal spheres. She especially enjoys complex case presentations and will always provide useful recommendations. The consistent feedback she gets from clients is that her work is more useful that had been presupposed. Dr. Stephanie Leite is the principal at Forensic Intelligence, LLC. She conducts corporate, municipal and school-based safety assessments, specializing in complex presentations. Dr. Leite has also honed her skills as an educator on the witness stand and teaching doctoral students. Her presentations are vital for your organization's success. Choosing Dr. Leite is the rig

Contact Information

674 Prospect Avenue Hartford, CT 06105

674 Prospect Avenue Hartford, CT 06105