Stephanie M. Jasper

Therapist in Minnesota

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TELEHEALTH READY! We all have a need to feel connected, understood and accepted by others. When feeling alone or misunderstood we tend to experience discomfort or pain that makes life challenging or even feel impossible. It can cause problems at school, work, between couples and within families. Whatever the situation it is often helpful to introduce another person into the dynamic. Someone to help us feel seen more fully and maybe challenged more effectively. In therapy I utilize a flexible approach that includes ideas specific to Narrative Therapy, CBT, DBT and Relational Cultural Therapy. My goal is to help clients find relief from discomfort so they can more effectively move through the obstacles in their lives. Identifying a therapist that best fits your needs is a process. I invite you to reach out to me directly via phone or email to discuss this process. If you take that initial step of reaching out for help, I can commit to providing direction from there. You are not responsib

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7300 Metro Boulevard Suite 400 Edina, MN 55439

7300 Metro Boulevard Suite 400 Edina, MN 55439