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I offer a very outside of the box approach to traditional mental/behavioral health counseling by traveling to my clients instead of them traveling to me. Going to, and practicing directly in my clients home or other safe, comfortable space, I'm able to be a loving nonjudgmental witness to the larger systems and the energies surrounding them. Clients contact me with a range of life struggles including: depression, anxiety, bipolar, loss or death of a loved one, divorce, DV, betrayals, fears, parenting struggles, addiction, food, control, sexuality, LGBTQ+, trauma and PTSD, midlife crisis, suicide, destructive behaviors, and more. I offer a warm, relational approach, believing wholeheartedly that the safe space between therapist and client is what gives room to enter the journey to the soul and ultimate healing of the Self. Together we embark through the shadow and the light, meeting our own flaws and strengths, and peeling away layers of heavy shame. My approach comes from many years of

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Stanwood, WA 98292 Call Ms. Michelle Meaney

Stanwood, WA 98292 Call Ms. Michelle Meaney