Sibley Fleming

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You may feel alone even while surrounded by a group of friends. It seems that getting the family ready for the day is a huge undertaking because you are so “tired” and do not know why. You are crying out for help via your voice or actions and no one seems to notice how much pain you are in. You feel sad and overwhelmed almost all the time and sometimes wonder if life is worth living? Imagine being able to have a meaningful conversation with a family member that did not seem strained and/or lead to a screaming match or tears. You can. In fact, you are halfway there by reading these words! During this unprecedented time, I am offering online video counseling. I will hold the light of hope for you until you can carry it yourself. Your life has meaning. You were born with a purpose and you deserve to live your life, not just survive it. You are seen and heard. It is possible to feel grounded, accepted, and understood. I would be honored to work together with you, while you reclaim your drive for life. My schedule is dynamic and I will work to create a time that works for both of us. (Early morning, Evening, and Weekend appointments are available). Remember we cannot choose our past but we can work in the present to create the life we want to live in the future.

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158 Moreland Avenue Southeast Atlanta, GA 30316

158 Moreland Avenue Southeast Atlanta, GA 30316