Sheena – Rafat Smith

Sheena - Rafat Smith

Therapist in New York, New York

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31 w 34th street New York, NY 10001

Who I Serve

With over ten years of experience specializing in helping others find their authentic self. If you desire to live a life of purpose, or need clear direction, or even want to learn how to cope with past traumatic experience, I can assist with helping you create a new life, build long lasting relationships or even find your soul mate. It's time to invest in yourself! Let's partner together to get your best results and get you the life you deserve. I offer impact life coaching with realistic goal setting for youth and adults. I am the author of the life changing book ( five teaspoons of motivation) In adding I have host numerous transformation , therapeutic, empowerment workshops and team building session for families, organizations and partners resulting in a life of abundance. It's all about you! I'm here to listen, empathize, strategize, motivate and inspire your to succeed . It's my goal and mission to help you create a fulfilling life.

31 w 34th street New York, NY 10001