Shannon Waliser

Therapist in West Virginia


School: West Virginia University

Year Graduated: 2005

License: West Virginia / DP00942521

Who I Serve

Overwhelmed. Anxious. Depressed. Stuck. These are the words that come to mind more often than not when you pause long enough to really consider how you are doing. You know it is time to regain control over your life. Seeking help is one of the most courageous acts of self-love an individual can do for himself or herself. Together, we work towards health, resilience, and well-being so that you can deal with life transitions, stress and illness. You will learn the skills necessary to approach life with greater ease when life’s unexpected difficulties happen. I believe in a whole person, strengths based approach. I will support you, hold space for you, challenge and encourage you on your journey to heal your heart, mind, body and spirit using an integrative approach that includes both traditional talk therapy as well as mind body techniques so that you will once again be able to find joy and gratitude in life. Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety or PTSD, your story is welcome. I have extensive training in trauma and mind body medicine all with the goal of better helping you to find your best self. If you are ready to commit to moving forward in your healing journey then visit my website today and schedule your free 20 minute consultation.

Contact information

Mind Body Wellness 295 High Street Suite 3 Morgantown, WV 26505

Mind Body Wellness 295 High Street Suite 3 Morgantown, WV 26505