Shane Michael Mahon

Therapist in Connecticut

Who I Serve

Hi, my name is Shane, and I am the owner of Anchored Soul Counseling. Our ideal patients have recognized that they are not living the life they want and that they want a change. They are willing to begin to open up and attempt to be vulnerable, even if it is slowly. Our approach to treatment is warm, relaxed and person-centered. We are very patient and work to meet patients where they are at in their journey, not where they, "should be". We strive to treat my patients with compassion and acceptance. We value each person as an expert in their own life. Each person and their story is different and requires specific, rounded care. We deeply enjoy helping teens, adults, and couples find and claim their authentic selves. We focus on cultivating identity, effectiveness and compassion with our patients. For us, it is extremely important to treat and view a person as a whole. Our therapist's styles are eclectic and individualized for their patients. It is disheartening how often we hear from p

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262 State Street Suite C North Haven, CT 06473

262 State Street Suite C North Haven, CT 06473