Scott Brewer

Scott Brewer

Therapist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Contact Information 416 Northwest 23rd St. Oklahoma City, OK 73103


School: Oklahoma Baptist University

Year Graduated: 2016

License: Oklahoma / 1307

Who I Serve

My name is Scott Brewer and I am an Oklahoma City-based Marriage and Family Therapist.  Being in a committed relationships is far from easy. Especially when mistakes have been made and hurtful words have wounded one another. Sometimes our relationships can become so filled with hurt and resentment that we give thought to giving up. Sometimes the mistakes seem so big it would be easier to just walk away. I want to encourage you to not give up on each other. Are you ready to put in the hard work of making your relationship better than it has ever been? It is time to face the problems and allow someone to help you heal. Treating couples and families is not about specializing in one area of life, but in being able to work systemically with the family to create lasting change that positively affects the entire family system. Are there tensions within your marriage or family? Do you feel like you’re not being heard? Are there significant underlying issues between your family members that need to be addressed? Are you at a loss for how to fix your marriage? Does your family system need a behavioral make-over? 416 Northwest 23rd St. Oklahoma City, OK 73103