Sarah Ells

Therapist in Therapists in Arizona


School: Fuller Theological Seminary

Year Graduated: 2016

License: Arizona / LAMFT-10546

Who I Serve

Take a deep breath. What do you notice? Maybe it's a heaviness on your shoulders from the worry that kept you up all night. Maybe it's tension on your neck knowing you're walking in the door to another fight with your significant other. Perhaps it's emptiness in your chest from the shame that has been there so long it has left you feeling numb. Although I am not sure exactly what brought you here, I wonder if you are seeking relief. Seeking change. Hoping for something, perhaps anything, different. Different in you, in your marriage, in your child or maybe your whole family. I am glad you're here. In my work with couples, I strive to help identify negative patterns in order to establish a relationship that is a safe haven and a healing environment for both partners. I also enjoy working with individuals (tweens, young adults and women) struggling with hardships around trauma, self-image, shame, grief, life transitions and pregnancy/postpartum issues. You already took one step on your journey that landed you here. I encourage you to take the next step: email me or call me today so we can take the next step toward healing together.

Contact information

3420 East Shea Boulevard Phoenix, AZ 85028

3420 East Shea Boulevard Phoenix, AZ 85028