Sarah C Trafican

Psychologist in Pennsylvania

Who I Serve

It is possible to overcome seemingly insurmountable life challenges and find stability. Psychotherapy can light the way from chaos and hopelessness towards self-acceptance, meaning, and control. Focused on your individual needs, I strive to create a time and space which is entirely yours. A safe, private, well-bounded space where honest and intimate discussions can take place. For the past 12 years, I have been working with a diverse mixture of individuals and couples using primarily psychoanalytic techniques. My aim is not simply to facilitate symptom relief, but to midwife meaningful and positive changes in your life. As a licensed clinical psychologist, I enjoy working with a small number of clients towards resolving a wide range of concerns including Relational Issues, Grief/Loss, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Adjustment Issues, School/Career Concerns, Low Self-Esteem, Food/Body Image Problems, and Identity Issues. Working together as a team, your goals are my priority. You can find

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401 Shady Avenue Suite D 108 Pittsburgh, PA 15206

401 Shady Avenue Suite D 108 Pittsburgh, PA 15206