Sara Truitt

Therapist in California

Who I Serve

In the last psychotherapy session I had with a client who suffered from an eating disorder that I had worked with for three years I asked her why she chose me. She had interviewed seven other psychotherapists before making a decision. "It was George," she replied. George is my black lab mix with winsome eyes and a loving spirit. Her answer surprised me. But what it illustrates is the complexity of therapy and the mystery of what sustains the healing process. Sometimes healing comes from the renewal of a bond with a relative, or an empathetic moment with a friend, or the love of the therapist's dog. I can provide immediate service. My specialty is eating disorders, anxiety and depression and I take cash or check. I have a sliding scale because I don't work with insurance. I also specialize in work with adolescents and college students as well as couples. I encourage clients to feel comfortable enough with me to open up. I am active in the therapy session and provide immediate feedback.

Contact Information

270 West 12th Street Claremont, CA 91711

270 West 12th Street Claremont, CA 91711