Sara Hunter

Therapist in Colorado

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You are not alone, sister... Though you do your best to get up, get dressed (yoga pants count, ladies!) and smile while you uphold all your roles/responsibilities, you are actually living an anxious, panicked, stressed, overwhelmed and depressed life (or your daughter is). Your best version of YOU is locked away - longing. While you hope one day you'll just feel better, in the meantime you find yourself in the same place: struggling, anxious, frustrated, exhausted, detached, fearful, isolated, unsettled, desperate. I don't want you to settle for living this way any longer; there is hope and this does not have to be your "normal." Let me assure you there are strategies, tools and safe spaces I will introduce you to that can change your life forever. Allow me to provide you with counseling strategies, life coaching or a powerful combo of both to catapult you towards a grace/compassion/peace-filled life that feels waaay more honest and connected than it does now. I want to wholeheartedly

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Fort Collins, CO 80528

Fort Collins, CO 80528