Sally Stearns McQuillen

Therapist in Therapists in Illinois


School: Loyola University at Chicago

Year Graduated: 1993

License: Illinois / 149.020907

Who I Serve

Sally's clients want relief from symptoms of anxiety and depression, They are often in recovery from addiction or have been affected by the addiction or mood issues of those they love. They want to live lives that are not hindered by their histories which may include trauma and loss and may have resulted in difficulty putting their own needs first. They want to grow in relationships and live fulfilling lives. Sally takes a client-centered, insight-oriented, psychodynamic approach to her clinical work building a therapeutic alliance directed by warmth and compassion. She brings light and comfort to those seeking healing from the direct or indirect impact of addiction, mood and relationship issues, trauma and loss. Please don't hesitate to contact Sally to determine whether she would be a good fit for therapy. She believes it is important to find a therapist with whom you feel safe and who will help you reach your treatment goals with empathy and encouragement.

Contact information

Winnetka, IL 60093

Winnetka, IL 60093