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Have you found that you’re still depressed even though you’ve tried anti-depressants? Perhaps you’ve tried tapering off of them only to find that you become more anxious keeping you locked into staying on them forever, or maybe you just quit taking them all together because the side-effects made you feel less alive to the point of even interfering with your sex life. There is an alternate solution. From an energetic perspective, depression is actually seen as compression. This causes your life force to be squeezed, held down causing you to feel as if you’re withering away. My holistic approach blends working hands-on de-compressing your life force energies, assessing your nutritional-supplement needs to support optimal brain health.and to provide a safe space to talk out your thoughts, fears and concerns that are holding you back. By taking a body, mind and spirit approach towards healing, you can achieve the life you deserve I have had the privilege of seeing many clients becoming freed from their depression through my 12 years of experience working holistically. I encourage you to call me today so that I can understand your needs and we can begin making a plan towards a better future for your life.

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2707 Congress Street Suite 2-D San Diego, CA 92110 Call Ms. Sara Burns

2707 Congress Street Suite 2-D San Diego, CA 92110 Call Ms. Sara Burns