Ronald Mah

Therapist in California


School: Western Institute for Social Research

Year Graduated: 1991

License: California / MFT32136

Who I Serve

Available via videoconferencing for all California clients- privacy thru secure app during the pandemic. Straight-forward honest therapy. No therapy gameplaying. Therapy starts w/ a mutual commitment to work together w/ honesty & trust. I work w/ you as a real person to help you do the work you need. I will not try to fit you into theories as others may have done may have or what think you should be. Making it work for you is my goal in therapy. Theories can be useful, but people are unique, so I will seek to find the logic of your life & how you came to be and to be in the relationships you are in AND to grow, heal, & flourish. If relevant I will help you find your connections to theories but never to minimize you or my conception of your reality. I accept who and what you are as a basic foundation in the therapy. Being happy, getting better, recovering, & growing are not unsolvable mysteries. We will work together to help you make sense of all of it to become who you want to be. Beco

Contact Information

3056 Castro Valley Blvd. #82 Castro Valley, CA 94546

3056 Castro Valley Blvd. #82 Castro Valley, CA 94546