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As an agency we have been supporting people via online sessions, with everything that falls “outside the box” for many years. Well our whole world just changed with this pandemic, and everything now falls under that category. Let us help you navigate these uncharted waters. No matter what challenge this all is bringing up for you let us support you in finding a way through this and finding your inner strength during this time. We have helped people navigate long distance relationships and alternative housing dynamics for decades. Helping you navigate how to get time for yourself as well as time for you to connect to others (both inside and outside of your home). Self-care is vital right now and learning to manage the anxiety and so many unknowns in our world. We have been helping parents homeschool in the best way for them, for a very long time. We can also help you find a new way to be in your family, with your kids, your parents, your partners and roommates in an ever-changing dynamic. We look forward to helping you find some light on this new path and get some grounding in this “new normal”.

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Austin, TX 78737 Call Our Providers