Regina Eastman

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Supporting individuals toward their sense of wholeness is my therapeutic purpose. Every individual has his or her own journey; a path of unfolding understanding through their processes of the body, mind and emotion. I utilize methods of Somatic Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, and Somatic Experiencing to invite internal obstacles of thought, belief, and behaviors to transform. those who seek from within find their journey a purposeful one. I am here to accompany them. Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness and forms of practice that cultivate a sense of spirit or deep meaning are some of the approaches utilized. These means are authentic as their origins come from the individual’s innate and internal knowing. Freedom, authenticity and a sense of empowerment come from this internal approach. My understanding of the unspoken human heart and it’s importance for one to live fully often involves looking toward and caring for one’s unresolved pain. It is the pain itself that is the invitation toward healing. Learning to listen and feel is the path of that healing. This process is one that is held with great respect and care.

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Ariel-Grace Integrative Therapies, LLC Plymouth, NH 03264

Ariel-Grace Integrative Therapies, LLC Plymouth, NH 03264